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On Course Playing Lessons 

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Playing lessons on the course.  The student pays his or her own green fees
and both the student and Bob Marlow play a round of golf together.  During
your play Bob will make suggestion and comments regarding your play. He
will also sit down with you and summarize the playing lesson and may even
email the summary to you.  He also, depending on the situation, may video
tape you during your round and if you have the V-1 Home Version software
(see V1 Software)   he will be able to send  an edited summary to you with
the different aspects of your game shown.
Prices for playing lessons are:
1 Student ...9 holes $100... 18 holes $125
2 students...9 holes $150... 18 holes $200
3 students...9 holes $200... 18 holes $250
4 students...9 holes $250... 18 holes $300
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