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Internet Lessons 

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Golf Lessons On-Line are now offered by PGA Golf Professional Bob Marlow.  If
you have or you purchase V-1 software from Bob you can become a part of his
On-Line Golf School Program.  Cost of your V-1 software is $40.00 plus tax and
you will receive an introductory lesson free of charge. This will also ensure your
software is connected properly.  You will need a digital video camera, computer
and firewire connection to your PC. In the event you do not have a digital video
camera, Bob can suggest places to acquire one.
The cost of the On-Line Golf Lesson Program is $360 per year, you pay $30 per
month or a one time fee per year $330 (Saving $30.00).  Cost of the V1 Home
Version 2.0 software $40.00 plus tax 3.30 or a total for the software of $43.30.
In addition to your one On -line lessons per month, which you may take once a
month or you may use all 12 in say a month, you will have the added benefit of
free access to additonal generic, detailed information (video with audio) on all
aspects of the game of golf. This will include swing mechanics, putting, chipping
& pitching techniques, trouble shots, mental improvement techniques, exercises
for golf and even nutritional and diet info for golfers.  These video clips will not
be like your tipicle   "golf tips"  which don't tell you all that you need to know in
order to say  "learn a new shot" but will be the full detail you will need for your
success.   And, if that doesn't get it, email me or call me and I will answer your
question. Phone: 214-882-3298    Email:
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