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Golf School Programs 

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Schools are 4 students to 1 instructor,  begin at 8 AM daily and
the morning sessions end at noon, 1 hour break for lunch, then
the afternoon sessionsrun from 1 to 5pm.

Classes include: Full swing technique...Grip, posture & balance,
proper arm and wrist motion, weight shift,  torso motion, head
motions, leg & hip action, release, finish positions, recoil, shaft
& club face positions throughout the swing.
Putting, chipping, and pitching techniques...trouble shots of all
types (hooks, fades, high, low, spin, less spin, rough)....bunker
shots both green side & fairway,  side hill lies, how to deal with
wind and playing  lesson on course.
Instruction techniques used by Tiger Wood’s - personal trainer.

Students will be video taped and will have side-by-side
comparisons with tour players.

Each student will receive the following:

  • Free Practice Balls During Schools   
  • V1 2.0 Home Version Software    
  • Daily 8 hrs of Instruction  4-1 ratio
  • Tiger Woods Book – How I Play Golf ( finest book written)
  • VHS or DVD of student’s swing with analysis  
  • Practice drills 
  • Pre-shot Routines 
  • Daily Green Fees
1 Day  Fee $400   2  Day  Fee $750   3 Day  Fee  $1100 
4 Day  Fee $1450   5 Day  Fee $1800


Call for available times and dates 214-882-3298 

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