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Marlow's Discount Golf and Schools


Now In: Fitting Sessions

Fitting Sessions:

Bob Marlow has been fitting clubs to his customers for over 30 years.  He has the latest in technology as well as years of experience. 
His launch monitor can show the customer's following data:
  • Club Head Speed (MPH)
  • Ball Velocity (MPH)
  • Launch Angle (Degrees from Horizontal)
  • Ball Spin Rate (RPM)
  • Carry Distance (Yards)
  • Total Distance (Yards)
  • Power Transfer Ratio % (PTR)
This data will all be displayed on his computer and a permanent record can be kept for later comparisons.
Fitting aspects include:
  • Shaft Length, Flex and Torque
  • Grip Type and Size
  • Loft and Lie Angles

Fitting sessions are $50 and the price of the fitting session will be refunded with a purchase of $200 or more on woods and $300 or more on a set of irons.